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We envision a world changed - even transformed - by millions of young influencers who solve problems and serve people in their communities.

  • Get Recharged

    Gain a better understanding of today's student and reconnect with your why. You will be encouraged and developed as a teacher, leader and communicator.

  • Get Reconnected

    Collaborate with Growing Leaders team members, learning new strategies to serve young people.

  • Get Resourced

    Learn the power of images by using Habitudes: Images that Form Leadership Habits and Attitudes; a powerful tool to develop young influencers.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome Partners!

    2. Welcome Letter from Dr Elmore

    3. Introduction and Learning Targets

    4. Completing the E-Course

    5. Getting Started with Thinkific

    6. E-Book: In Other Words

    7. E-Book Reflection

    1. Social Media Game

    2. Module 1.1: Who is Generation Z? (part 1)

    3. Can We Autocorrect Humanity?

    4. Module 1.1: Who is Generation Z? (part 2)

    5. Module 1.2 Their SCENE Today

    6. Cultural Connection

    7. Cultural Connection Reflection

    8. Module 1.3: The Shifts Gen Z Brings

    9. Quotes from Generation Z

    10. Module 1.4: Their Greatest Needs

    11. Module 1 Quiz

    1. Emoji Mad Gab Game

    2. Reflect and Respond: Music Through the Decades

    3. Music Through the Decades

    4. Module 2.1: In Other Words

    5. Module 2.2: The Power of Images

    6. Module 2.3: PROVE

    7. Our Dilemma Today

    8. Module 2.4: The Internal Journey pt. 1

    9. Module 2.4: The Internal Journey pt. 2

    10. Quiz: Module 2

    1. GL Jingle Jams

    2. Habitudes: Introduction and Benefits

    3. Reflect and Respond

    4. Habitudes Sample Lesson

    5. Sample Lesson Plan from Video Lesson

    6. Habitudes Online Walkthrough

    7. Habitudes Online Access

    8. Lesson Plan Exercise Prep

    9. Habitudes Lesson Plan Exercise

    10. Bonus: Best Practices and Biggest Mistakes

    11. Bonus: 12 Practical Tips to Get the Conversation Flowing

    1. Every Presentation Ever

    2. Patch Adams Activity

    3. Module 5.1: Windows and Mirrors

    4. Module 5.2: Facebook or TV

    5. Module 5.3: House on Fire

    6. Module 5.4: Skinny Chef

    7. Module 5 Quiz

About this course

  • $399.00
  • 61 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content

Course Facilitators

The Growing Leaders Content Team is ready to serve you.

Founder Dr Tim Elmore

Dr. Tim Elmore is the Founder and CEO of Growing Leaders, a non-profit organization created to develop emerging leaders. He and his team equip secondary school students, college students and recent graduates from thousands of campuses across the US and around the world to think and act like authentic leaders.

VP of Content Andrew McPeak

Andrew McPeak is an author, researcher, communicator, and expert on the emerging generations. After more than a decade of firsthand work with young adults from public school hallways to the boardrooms of corporate America, Andrew has honed an intimate understanding of the issues today’s young leaders face. Leveraging his experience and insights, Andrew, works to give adults practical tools and actionable advice for leading today’s youngest population.

Curriculum Director Patrick Erwin

Patrick Erwin is an educator and champion of student leadership. As a high school band director for 17 years at one of the largest band programs in the southeast, Patrick regularly taught his students far more than music -- he brought life-lessons to his classes through engaging presentations, fruitful conversations, and relational connection using Growing Leaders Habitudes curriculum.

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